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Seat Selector​

Get the best seat in the house, we mean the plane!

In the movies, you make sure you get seats next to each other. Now you can do the same in the airplane. Avail of our Seat Selector service. Every time you book your flight, you get your seats as well! For a minimum fee, you can choose between two seating options to suit your taste. Standard seat selection is available for most seats, but for those who prefer additional leg room and easy access to the aisle, the Premium option is a prime choice. Never sit apart from your companions again.

About Seat Selector

  1. What are the available seat options?

    On all flights, Standard and Preferred Seats will be available

  2. What are the available seat options?

    International flights except Dubai, Standard and Preferred Seats will be available.

    Dubai flights, Standard, Standard Plus and Preferred Seats will be available.

  3. How do guests choose their preferred seat?

    Guests may reserve and purchase their preferred seat at the time of booking up to 4 hours before ETD through online, call center or sales offices.

  4. How much will each seat option cost?

    • Seat Type
      ATR/A319/A320 (PHP)
      A330 FLIGHTS except Dubai (PHP)
      A330 Dubai FLIGHTS (PHP)
    • Standard
    • Standard Plus
    • Preferred
  5. What’s the difference between Standard and Standard Plus?

    A330 Standard seats provide guests with 30inch seat pitch while Standard Plus seats will provide additional legroom with 32 inch seat pitch. Standard Plus seats are located at the rear section of the cabin.

    Standard Seats provide 28-29 inch seat pitch.

  6. What are Preferred Seats?

    All preferred seats in ATR/A319/A320 are exit row seats.

    A330 preferred seats may either be a bulkhead seat or an exit row seat.

    Bulkhead Seats - 1E, 2B, 3H and 36D provides access to a baby bassinet on the A330.

    Row Seats - Provides the biggest legroom which will allow our guests to stretch their legs comfortably.

  7. Is the baby bassinet free-of-charge?

    Yes, if guest avails of any of the following preferred seats: 1E, 2B, 3H and 36D. 

    Infant must be no more than 11 kilograms for safety reason.

  8. Who are allowed to seat by the exit row?

    There are certain conditions or criteria that guest must meet to guarantee your preferred exit row seat option on board.

    • Guest must be at least 15 years old
    • Guest must be able to understand and carry out instructions which will be given in English onboard the flight
    • Guest must be able to speak in English
    • Guest must not be travelling with someone that requires his/ her assistance in an emergency
    • Guest must be fit and able-bodied
    • Guest must not have any permanent or temporary impairment (ex: deaf, hearing impaired, blind, vision impaired, any strength or mobility limitation, intellectual impairment or travelling with a service dog)
    • Guest must be able to check outside conditions and react to crew commands
    • Guest must be able to reach, open, lift and throw out the exit door in an emergency
    • Guest must acknowledge the exit row briefing given by Cabin Crew once onboard the aircraft
    • Guest must be willing to help or assist the Cabin Crew in the unlikely event of an evacuation or emergency situation
    • Guest must not be seated with an infant
    • Guest must not require the use of an extension seat belt or have purchased an extra seat
    • Guest must not be elderly
  9. Are guests allowed to upgrade their seats?

    Yes, up to 4 hours before ETD. They can make the upgrade and pay the difference via CEB’s website (“Manage Booking page”), call center or sales offices.

  10. Are guests allowed to cancel seat selection once booking is confirmed?

    Seat fees are non-refundable.

  11. If flight was rebooked, will guest be able to book similar seat on the new flight?

    Seat fee will be carried over to the new flight.

    new seat assignment will be provided when rebooking. Guest may choose a similar seat option or make an upgrade. on.

  12. If flight was re-routed, will guest be able to book similar seat on the new flight?

    If the re-routing was initiated by the guest, seat fee will be forfeited. He then must purchase and reserve a new seat.

    If by 5J, seat fee will be transferred to the new flight.

  13. If flight was cancelled, will guest be able to refund?

    If the guest decides to cancel his flight, seat fee will be spoiled.

    If flight was cancelled by the airline, we will make every effort to place the guest in the same or similar seat on the alternate flight.

    Should the guest decide to take the alternate flight but was not given the same seat option and was not informed prior check-in the difference of the seat fee will be refunded outright at the airport.

    Should the guest decide not to push thru with his flight, he may opt for a full refund or travel fund which includes the seat fee.

  14. How do guest apply for full refund/travel fund in relation to the previous scenario?

    For cash transactions, the issuing office can give outright refund to guest.

    For credit card transactions, the amount will be charged back to the guest’s credit card.

    For travel fund option, amount will be stored as travel credits that can be used to purchase new booking, pay ancillary products and other fees.

  15. What is the validity period of travel fund?

    Travel fund is valid 90 days from date of creation.​​​