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Travel Services 

Web Check-in​


Check-in online and avoid the airport counter line! With Cebu Pacific’s web check-in service, you can go the web and check-in for your flight 72 hours up to 4 hours before your departure time. Learn more about this exciting product that will greatly cut down on your transaction time in the airport below.

The web check-in service is available to all guests except the following due to several factors including, but not limited to, presentation of original travel documents, profiling at the counter etc.

  1. Expectant mothers
  2. Unaccompanied minors
  3. Guests with infant
  4. Guest of 10 or more under 1 booking record
  5. Guests with reduced mobility or those requiring special assistance
  6. Guests on non-direct flights (SOS flights).

Important Reminders

  • Flight changes and cancellations can no longer be made once you checked-in. Your fare is already considered flown.
  • Be Verified. For international guests, please ensure that you drop by our check-in counter for your documents to be verified not later than 45 minutes before the flight.

Timely Reminders

  • 3 hours up to 45 minutes before departure - Checked-in baggage can be dropped at the Bag Drop counter for weighing and tagging.
  • 30 minutes before depature – Web Check-In guests should be at the boarding gate.


  1. When will the web check-in service be available?

    Cebu Pacific web check-in service is already available in all of Cebu Pacific Airbus flights systemwide. You may check-in online for your flight 72 hours up to 4 hours before departure time.

  2. How can I check-in online?

    Please go to our site, and click on the Manage Booking icon. Choose the web check-in tab and start checking in for your flight!

  3. Is there a web check-in fee?

    There is no fee for checking in online.

  4. Are there restrictions on the web check-in service?

    Aside from the time restriction of 72 hours up to 4 hours before departure time, there are certain cases wherein we disallow web check-in as these would entail special handling. These are:

    1. Expectant mothers
    2. Unaccompanied minors
    3. Guests with reduced mobility, persons with disabilities and those with special needs
    4. Guests with infants
    5. Medical cases
    6. Group of 10 or more under 1 record
  5. Do I need to print my boarding pass?

    Yes, please print your boarding pass as you need this to board your flight.

  6. What will happen if I lose my boarding pass?

    Please secure your boarding pass. In an unfortunate event that it gets misplaced, you may request from the bag drop counter at the airport.

  7. What do I need to bring to the airport on the day of my flight?

    Please bring the following:

    1. web boarding pass
    2. valid photo-ID (such as passport)
    3. valid travel documents (such as visa)
  8. I don’t have a checked baggage, do I still need to go to the bag drop counter?

    If you are a Go Lite international guest, you need to drop by the bag drop counter for documents verification at least 45 minutes before departure time.

    If you are a Go Lite domestic guest, you may go straight to the boarding gate. Be sure to be there at least 30 minutes before departure time.

    Please allow ample time for security checks and Immigration clearance. We strictly close the boarding gate 15 minutes before departure time.

  9. What time do I need to be at the airport if I have checked baggage? Where should I go?

    If you are a Go Fare guest, you need to be at the bag drop counter at least 45 minutes before departure time. However, we would strongly suggest that you come in earlier than that as security and Immigration checks may take quite some time.

  10. There is no boarding gate indicated in my boarding pass. What do I do?

    Please check your gate assignment when you get to the airport.

  11. I want to rebook a flight I have already checked-in online. Can I do this?

    No. Once you have checked-in for your flight, you can no longer mak e any changes. Your fare is already considered flown.

  12. I want to cancel a flight I have already checked-in online. Can I do this?

    No. Once you have checked-in for your flight, you can no longer cancel your flight. Your fare is already considered flown.

  13. I checked-in online for my international flight but got to the airport 35 minutes before departure time. Can I still take the flight?

    You will no longer be accommodated for your flight. You need to be at the bag drop counter at least 45 minutes before departure time.

  14. I have not paid for my travel tax, where will I pay this?

    You need to pay for your Philippine travel tax at the Philippine Tourism Authority counter before going to the check-in area.

  15. If I will be travelling with a companion or group, do we have to web check-in at the same way and time?

    No, guests may check-in together or individually at the web, kiosk or at the regular counter whichever is convenient for the guest.

  16. Can I still purchase ancillary products like: seat, prepaid baggage or hot meals after I checked-in online?

    No, once you have checked-in for your flight, you can no longer make any changes including purchasing of ancillary products..

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  • Check-in and Boarding Guidelines Check-in counters open 2 hours before scheduled time of flight departure and strictly close 45 minutes before flight departure for domestic flights. For international flights except those departing the Middle East, check-in counters open 3 hours and strictly closes 45 minutes before flight departure. For flights departing the Middle East, check-in counters open 3 hours and close 1 hour before flight departure. A confirmed booking shall be cancelled and released to waitlisted persons if the guest failed to check-in within the prescribed time.

    Guests must be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before flight departure as we close the gate 15 minutes before flight departure for all flights using ATR/ A319 and A320 aircraft. For flights using A330 aircraft departing the Philippines, boarding commences 45 minutes and gate closes 15 minutes before flight departure except for flights departing the Middle East, gate closes 20 minutes before flight departure.. Guests not at the boarding gate at the prescribed time will not be allowed to board the aircraft.

  • Baggage Information Only 1 piece of baggage is allowed to be carried on board provided that it does not exceed the dimensions 56cm x 36cm x 23cm for Airbus flights and 56cm x 35cm x 20cm for ATR flights. It should not weigh more than 7kg for all flights except in Caticlan which has a maximum carry-on baggage weight of 5kg. Items determined by us to be of excessive weight or size or of an offensive nature will not be permitted on-board.

    Each piece of check-in bag must not exceed 30kg. Any bag exceeding 30kg will not be accepted as check-in baggage.

  • Travel Documents You are solely responsible to secure and comply with the immigration, customs, travel and legal requirements of your destination country. Since we are a point-to-point carrier, we will not accept guests transiting without visa and will not be responsible for any connecting flight arrangement you may choose to make.

    In circumstances wherein we are required to return you to your point of origin due to your inadmissibility into a country, you will shoulder applicable fare, penalties, fees or fines and we will not refund your fare to you.

    Guests with international travel must possess a valid passport with at least six (6) months validity from the date of their departure and the applicable valid visas. They must also have a return or an onward ticket and must be able to satisfactorily prove upon request, sufficient means of financial support during their stay in the country of their destination.

    Please be advised that based on Davao City ordinance no. 0292-06/03005-00 known as the Comprehensive Children and Family Support, all carriers are required to advise passengers travelling to/from Davao that:

    1. If a child/minor aged below 15 is travelling alone or travelling with a person other than his/her parents or those exercising parental authority and legal custody of the child. Parents/guardian need to secure permit to travel from the City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO). Below are the required documents for one to get permit to travel:

    a. Birth certificate of the minor (original and photocopy)
    b. Barangay clearance issued by the Punong Barangay – stating that the barangay has knowledge of the travel plans of the minor
    c. Written parental consent attested by the Punong Barangay (if no parents, consent shall be made by the grandparents or the eldest sibling)
    d. Identification card of the minor (original and photocopy)
    e. Identification card of the authorized person who will accompany the child in his travels (original and photocopy)

    2. If a child/ minor is traveling with both or any of his parents, there is no need to secure permit to travel as long as there is document to prove of the minor’s relation such as:

    a. Birth certificate
    b. Valid Ids

  • Special Service Request

  • Flight Connections If you are booking 2 single-sectoral flights (example: CEB-MNL then MNL-HKG), please allow the following minimum times between the first arrival and the next take-off.

    Domestic: 2 hours minimum time
    International: 3 hours minimum time

    There are the minimum times required to collect baggage and complete check-in procedures required for your second flight.

    We are a point-to-point carrier and will not be liable for any misconnections brought about by delays, cancellations and any flight arrangements you may choose to make.

    If you have onward flights with other airlines, you will have to pick up your bags and clear through Immigration and Customs so please make sure that you have all your visa requirements with you.

  • Flight Disruptions At any time after a booking has been made, we may change our schedules and /or cancel, terminate, divert, postpone or reschedule or delay any flight where we reasonably consider this to be justified by circumstance beyond our control or for reasons of safety or security.

    In the event of these disruptions, the following options are your sole remedies against us:

    1. Rebooking
    2. Refund
    3. Travel credits

    Fare rules and airline policies shall apply during these circumstances.

  • Online Booking Cut-off Internet bookings are not permitted within 3 hours and 59 minutes from the scheduled time of departure. If you wish to travel within this time, you may contact our Call Center at (+632) 70-20-888 or (+6332) 230-8888 to check availability of your preferred flight. Booking can only be done at our sales offices or airport sales counters.

  • Travel Tax and Terminal Fee Philippine Travel Tax
    For Filipino guests travelling to a foreign country, Philippine Travel Tax amounting to Php 1,620 per guest needs to be paid at the origin departure airport within the Philippines.

    Terminal Fee
    For guests travelling from the Philippines* and Brunei: Terminal fee shall be paid at the airport upon check-in.
    For guests exiting and transiting Manila: Terminal fee is included in the total payment and collected at time of booking.
    For guests exiting and transiting Cebu to destinations within the Philippines: Terminal fee is included in the total payment and collected at time of booking.
    *Except Manila and Cebu

    Red Eye Flights
    For flights departing past midnight (that is, 0040H, 0025H, etc), please be reminded that you need to check-in for your flight the day before the date indicated on your Itinerary Receipt.

  • Duty Free Purchases For US Bound flights, please be informed that duty free items purchased from the airport are not allowed to be brought inside the aircraft. This is pursuant to the TSA rule that we are limiting the acceptance of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs). We have coordinated with the airport Duty Free office and have requested that if a purchased item is bound on our US flight, the passenger will be refunded of the full amount of the items purchased.