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CEB Cargo FAQs  


  1. How can I arrange a shipment with Cebu Pacific Cargo?

  2. ​Where can I send my cargo in Manila?  (I have an outgoing shipment from Manila to other destination/s)

  3. Where can I claim my cargo in Manila? (I have an incoming shipment from other destination/s to Manila )

  4. What is the deadline/timeline for accepting my cargo?​

  5. How do you charge my cargo? 

  6. What is the deadline for accepting my cargo?

  7. ​Do you have a door-to-door service where my cargo is picked up from my house and delivered directly to the consignee?

  8. What are the requirements for shipping human remains?
  9. What are the requirements for carrying human bones and urns with ashes of deceased persons?

  10. What are the requirements for shipping household pets?

  11. ​What are the requirements for shipping other live animals and plants?

  12. ​​What are the requirements for shipping frozen, processed or cooked meat?
  13. Do you accept valuable items and documents?

  14. Can I send surf boards through Cargo for flights utilizing ATR?​

  15. What are your modes of payment?

  16. I am the consignee. What do I need to present when claiming my cargo?

  17. ​I am the consignee but I cannot claim my cargo.  I will send a representative. What will he/she bring when claiming my cargo? 

  18. What happens if I cannot immediately claim my cargo after it reached the destination? 

  19. Are dangerous goods accepted on your flights?

  20. Where can I get more information regarding handling requirements?​

  21. What are cargo restrictions on flights utilizing ATR service?

  22. ​Can we accept live animals and human remains on flights utilizing A330 service?

  23. If I send my cargo today, will it be sent to destination tomorrow?

  24. What is the maximum measurement and weight of the cargo per piece?

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