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Travel Services 

Cargo Services​


Your goods are in good hands.

Ship your goods with Cebu Pacific’s Cargo Service. Now you can send your cargo via Cebu Pacific, whether around the Philippines or to other countries. Our partner airlines, Continental Airlines, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, and Emirates, make transport abroad even faster and more convenient.

Our Cargo Service now gives you a one-stop shop that lets you send your package from domestic points to overseas destinations via Manila. Please check our Cargo Sales Directory.

Operating Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Location: Cebu Pacific Cargo Terminal, Domestic Road, Pasay City, Philippines
Telephone number: (+632) 802-7070
We provide cargo services to all the routes we fly to.

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Cargo Service FAQs


1. How can I arrange a shipment with Cebu Pacific Cargo?

 To arrange a shipment, please call us at (+632) 802-7070.

2. Do you have a door to door service where the cargo is picked up from my house and delivered directly to the consignee?

Cebu Pacific Cargo only provides an airport to airport service.

3. How do I track my shipment?

Please call (+632) 802-7070 or visit to track your shipment. To speed up shipment tracking, please have your shipment's air waybill number on hand.

4. What are the requirements for shipping live animals?

  • Shipping permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)
  • Animals must be contained in strong cages (subject to inspection by the Cebu Pacific authorized personnel)

5. What are the requirements for shipping human remains?

  • Death certificate
  • Embalming certificate
  • Quarantine permit 
  • Transfer permit or shipping permit from the municipal health officer
  • ​Coffin must be hermetically sealed and either crated or wrapped in canvass




 6. Do you accept valuable items?

The following items are acceptable subject to conditions:

  • Cellular phone
  • Check
  • Passport
  • Seaman's book
  • Land titles



The following are not allowed:

  • Cash
  • Jewelry



7. What is your cut-off time for accepting outbound cargo?

Outbound cargo must be with us at least two (2) hours before the scheduled flight departure.

8. Do you charge storage fee for unclaimed cargo?

  • Domestic Cargos - Yes. If cargo is unclaimed on the first 72 hours after it arrived at the Station, storage fee (SF) is computed as: SF=PHP10.00 x Gross Weight x Number of Days plus 12% EVAT.
  1. Storage Fee will be waived for the first 72hours from the arrival time at destination, However, If claimed after 72 hours onward, the computation starts from the 1st day of the arrival at destination. Storage fee=prevailing rate per kilo multiply by number of days unclaimed plus 12%EVAT, or (SF=PHP10.00 x Gross Weight x Number of Days plus 12% EVAT). Note: Storage fee shall not be charged for the first 72hrs upon arrival. However, if to be claimed on the succeeding hours, the computation of storage fee starts from the 1st day of the arrival at the the destination.
  2. Minimum storage fee shall be PHP 500.00 plus the applicable 12%EVAT, whichever is higher.
  • International Cargos - Yes. Storage Penalty varies per Station. Please contact the respective Warehouses upon claiming your cargo.

9. Can I send a representative to claim my cargo?

Yes, a representative may pick up your cargo. Please ensure that s/he brings the following:

  • Authorization letter signed by you
  • Photocopy of a valid ID that belongs to you, with your signature
  • ID of your representative



10. Where can we get more information regarding special handling requirements?

For more information, please call us at (+632) 802-7070.


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